Michelle M. Meyer is a mom, a national speaker and the founder of Girl Authentic. Michelle works with professionals—women and men—to bring forth the feminine in the workplace. She seeks to open new avenues of dialog, balance, and wealth and abundance for individuals, organizations and communities.

Michelle believes that a generation of lost femininity in the workplace has frustrated women and baffled men. Many workplace women have resorted to operating unnaturally from male frameworks and a masculine vibration. When they do, it diminishes both the males’ and females’ unique contribution.

Bringing forth the feminine brings balance. Michelle believes this generation is awakening to the chance of a balanced culture and workplace stemming from a balance of the masculine and feminine vibration. A new era of business opportunity is arriving. New structures and whole-life business frameworks must be created to support and nurture this growing awareness.

Michelle is a speaker and is also Founder and President of M3, a world class consulting firm specializing in Supply Chain Relationship (SCR). Officially SCPro™ certified,  she is an expert on SCR, and the creator of the Connective Capability Quotient (CCQ). She has led innovative supply chain strategies for some of the world’s most recognized brands as a consulting supply chain specialist with Hitachi Consulting, Arthur Andersen, and working independently. Michelle has served as an Adjunct Professor of Logistics Management and on the Board of Directors for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional.