In our GPS world, getting from one place to another is easy: you input your destination, and you’re on your way. But what if you want to arrive at two places at once? Is it possible? Can we both work within a culture and change it at the same time?

I am newly faced with this struggle, as my work life has recently taken a turn into the corporate world. I find myself wondering if I will continue to be able to strive for feminine equilibrium in the workplace while at the same time working within it.

This shift in my work life has occurred amidst many other life transformations. Since I last wrote, I traveled to Japan for two weeks and completed Module 3 of SourcePoint Therapy (an energy healing modality that focuses on healing and health). I packed up my house and am living between two temporary locations in Colorado and Chicago. I closed on a new home in Chicago, but since it needs work done, I haven’t yet moved in. My daughter graduated from high school and turned 18 two weeks later. And as I’ve alluded to…I started a new job.

After years of charting my own territory, I recently accepted a job as a Director at PwC in their Supply Chain Management consulting practice based in Chicago. With my move to Chicago already in the works, a professional colleague and friend connected me to PwC in early April, and lo and behold…by the middle of the month, it was a done deal.


I’m as surprised as anyone about this rerouting back to the big corporate world. However, as I have learned, you must be very specific with what you ask for because the universe will provide exactly that. To illustrate, earlier this spring I asked for:

  • A supportive way to transition to Chicago
  • Nice people to work with
  • A way to build a foundation and network in Chicago
  • Some stability in my income situation so I could meet upcoming financial obligations
  • A way to help replenish the coffers
  • A way to meet the right people to help me build my next company

Notice that “work in a corporate environment” is not on this list, yet for some reason, PwC feels like the job I am meant to do right now. Everything I have done so far positions me perfectly for this.

I have had numerous friends comment on how it is beshert (meant to be) and karma (helping others over the years coming back around), and I believe that, too—but it still feels like a rerouting because I have to figure out how to continue the GirlAuthentic conversation in a different environment.

Maybe that is why I’m back in a large corporate environment. Maybe it is a case of “what you resist persists.” I have resisted the idea that large corporate structures can actually operate in a way that fully supports women (and men) and removes the old patriarchal structures that so many resist changing because of the power shifts it will cause. Can they really let them go? I have my doubts.

But I have hope, too. Before joining PwC, I did my research. They have consistently been voted one of the best places to work, their track record and percentages of women in leadership are well above many of their peers and other industries, they actively support the UN HeforShe program, and they have meaningful programs within PwC that reflect this. They focus actively and directly on diversity, and their results are visible and considerable. They are doing good work, and I am excited to be a new team member.

While this latest step fulfills much of what I was looking for, I still have many questions. What does it look like to continue working for equality for women from this new platform? How will my next business idea take shape, and when and who will partner with me?  Will I be able to do both? Can I work within a global corporate platform and strive to transform things on a larger scale? What will that look like? And at the same time, will I be able to build a company led by women that demonstrates all these ideas?

Though I don’t yet know the answers, and this move may be unexpected, it feels right. I’m excited that this rerouting has me looking toward new horizons and given me different opportunities to make a difference. And while I’m not certain I will be able to arrive at both “destinations,” I am eager to continue the journey.


  1. Anne Brennand July 24, 2016 Reply

    Hi Michelle. I hope you know how much I value you, your courage and vision. I am inspired by this up-settling change you are making. I read between the lines your uncertainty, but also feel so much clarity in the very words themselves.

    Of course, no entity is bigger than the sum of it’s parts, unless those parts refuse to thrive and contribute. That in itself might create something larger, but intrinsically organic. Therefore, I feel you are at the crest of expressing something very vital to all women facing change, facing work issues, facing internal transition, facing loss, facing bias, – you go, girl Authentic! – Anne

    P.S. Miss you over music. I hope you keep that in your periphery.

    • Author
      Michelle Meyer July 24, 2016 Reply

      Hi Anne — Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, there is uncertainly. I just keep trying to follow the signals on the journey. It still feels weird to me to share this way, but I just keep following that as well. I do envision the music coming back at some point as well!

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