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  • Catch & Release—Ready to Launch!

    Want to understand the heart of Girl Authentic and how together we can bring about a new work equilibrium? Read on. I have always wanted Girl Authentic to serve three purposes: Talk to women about building their own businesses and building a different model for all of us to work in Help women shape their business ideas and approach Invest […]
  • I’m Sorry

    I felt compelled to write a letter of apology to my children upon waking up on Wednesday, November 9, 2016:  Dear Ian and Elle, I am sorry. I am sorry for what your parents’ and your grandparents’ generation has done. Electing Donald Trump to the presidency is the culmination of several decades of neglect and selfishness, and hopefully it will […]
  • Rerouting: Is It Possible to Reach Two Destinations Simultaneously?

    In our GPS world, getting from one place to another is easy: you input your destination, and you’re on your way. But what if you want to arrive at two places at once? Is it possible? Can we both work within a culture and change it at the same time? I am newly faced with this struggle, as my work […]
  • Withholding is Controlling

      It’s true when parents withhold from their children, when spouses withhold from their partners – and when organizations withhold from women. Withholding is a form of controlling.  When parents withhold their love or approval from a child, or deny access to funds or fun things, it’s usually as a way of controlling or influencing the child’s behavior. The same […]
  • Effort Never Dies

      You can jump even higher than you think. But you may have to take a few steps back first. Last year I made the hard decision to walk away from a business I loved and had helped create. On the day I chose to leave, someone posted this picture and quote on LinkedIn:     It is a quote […]
  • Forget “just standard business.” Let’s do JUST business.

    When someone tells you the reason they are doing something is “just standard business practice,” that’s a code. They mean “that’s just the way it is.” And that’s really code for “we’re exploiting others for our own financial gain.” Too much in business (and elsewhere!) today individuals look to maximize their own take, control, or standing in the near term […]
  • A podcast with Leaders of Transformation

      I met Nicole Jansen from Leaders of Transformation at a Small Satellite Conference. Nicole interviews successful Leaders of Transformation to help you gain the inspiration, education, resources, and leadership skills to transform your life and the world around you. I was thrilled with the opportunity to meet with her and talk about bringing forth the feminine in the workplace. It’s podcast #28 […]
  • Times of Transition

      How do you know if you’re achieving the balance you need in your life? It’s actually not rocket science – there are some pretty great tools for assessing yourself. Since I chose to walk away from Morf3D a few months ago I find myself in a time of transition.  Being here reminded me of a huge shift that happened […]
  • Do you trust your instincts when they tell you to walk away?

      This is my first post since May because the last few months have been so crazy-busy. I’ve essentially been working two jobs: First, continuing to pay the bills as a supply-chain management consultant, and second, getting a lot in place for Morf3D, the additive manufacturing business I’ve been developing with a business partner for the last two years. So […]
  • A podcast with CoActive Dreams

    I’m in a busy season right now, but not too busy to sit down for a few minutes with Cherrie McKenzie from CoActive Dreams. Cherrie blogs to help individuals or corporate professionals succeed at the intersection of career, self and family. She contacted me after she read a comment I posted on the NY Times website, and wanted to learn more about women […]