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A series of conversations with women who have created their own businesses with new structures

Since the forming of GirlAuthentic, there have been many requests to tell people what the “model” looks like for a new business that is based on a balance of the feminine and masculine. I have resisted answering the requests with only my specific ideas. I do have some ideas, but I guarantee you they are only some of the ideas, and might not even be the most creative. Women have the opportunity today to build businesses that operate and feel the way we want them too.

So, in an attempt to provide examples, my creative team and I have begun to put together a series of conversations with interesting women who have created their own businesses. We also wanted to highlight the thought processes and choices behind the structures they have put in place and how their businesses operate.

Today is our first example. We’d like to present Amy Fowler Stadler, founder of Lewis & Fowler, a well-known technology consulting, strategic project management, and expert staffing services company that started with Amy and her partner, Kevin Lewis, in Denver and now provides services nationally. Please join me in hearing Amy’s vision.




Now it’s your turn: What are your ideas for new models of businesses that are built on a foundation of balance between the masculine and feminine?

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  1. Jackie Roberts April 15, 2014 Reply

    The company I worked for (CONNECT: The Knowledge Network) actually knew and worked with Amy and Kevin! What a small world!

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